25 Fun Ways to Exercise

I’ve came up with 25 fun ways to exercise to help you get started and motivated!  Exercising is always easier and you are more willing to do it if it’s fun!



1. Dance – Dance at home or go clubbing

2. Play with your kids – kids are always fun
3. Jump rope – take yourself back to your kid days
4. Go shopping – walking the mall is always fun (for me!)
5. Go swimming – who doesn’t love the water
6. Listen to music while you exercise – it makes it fun
7. Jump on a trampoline – I love doing this
8. Ride a razor scooter – holy ab workout! So fun too!
9. Go bike riding – see some sights and enjoy
10. Kickboxing – so fun to beat something up
11. Bowling – much more of a workout than you think
12. Hula hooping – play some 80s music while you do it
13. Horseback riding – it really is a fun ways to exercise!
14. Sex! – need I say more?
15. Yoga – this is fun to see what poses you can do
16. Scuba diving – scuba dive with a buddy is best
17. Kickball – middle school flashbacks!
18. Baseball – sports are always fun
19. Football – read above
20. Putt-putt – walking around will do it!
21. Hiking – go enjoy some nature!
22. Ice skating – just staying upright works all muscles
23. Roller skating – same concept as above
24. Laser tag – who doesn’t like a little friendly competition
25. Video games on the kinect or Wii – fun, fun, fun

Now you have 25 fun ways to exercise so go do some! What are some of your fun ways to exercise?

Happy Exercising!
Samantha Bush 

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