Broadcast Email Blog Tip #2

Today we’ll be talking about utilizing your opt in email list and how to use it to your advantage when getting blog traffic by using this Broadcast Email Tip.

Broadcast Email Blog Tip #2

The highest quality lead you can get is quality visitors. Your goal is to get repeat blog traffic, this is simple to do with emails. After you’ve completed your blog post and it’s been published grab the blog link and email the blog post to your list. Don’t be afraid to email 1-2 times a day. If you’ve already sent your list something that morning, it’s ok to send them the blog post as well.

Write a sentence or two about the blog post in the body of your email, you can also copy the first few sentences of your blog and add it in as well. At the end of the email always include a P.S. Add call details here or an upcoming event, new product launching, etc….keep it very brief and informational. Be sure to email your list every time you have a new blog post. These people opted in for a reason so they’re wanting the info you’ll be sending them.

As a bonus email your team and ask them to comment and like your post to help get more traffic via social media!  

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