Marketing is like a deck of cards, every deck has 52 cards and every suit has one ace.  Your aces are your big builders, they are the ones with the go-getter attitudes, the ones that set up 3-ways calls, prospects with what they have rather than complain that they can’t do it.  Aces are those ones who have the same or similar mindset as you.  They’re tired of the daily grid of a traditional job and know there is more out there.  They truly have the mindset of anything is possible and they will work very hard for themselves because they see the value of having more time with family, not have a boss to answer to and will work and can work on their own terms.  Aces also have the “all in” mindset.
While you flip through your cards looking for your aces don’t totally discredit your fours, your sixes or your eights.  Just because they do not see the value now doesn’t mean they will not at some point.  Most people in Network Marketing didn’t join day one and jump right in, they did it while working their full time job, taking care of the kids etc.  Over time they worked on themselves and their business to become the aces that you’re looking for.

Finding your aces in network marketing can be a challenge and for some people it takes years to turn over an ace while others only months.  Continue working your own business and working on yourself by reading books and listening to recordings of successful people in network marketing.  Continue flipping your cards and you’ll find your aces!  What happens when you run out of cards?  Simple, get another deck!  Flip over thousands of cards and you’ll end up with dozens of aces!

To Your Success!
Samantha Bush

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