10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss

Today let’s look at these 10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss to achieve your goals.  They are simple to achieve if you integrate these tips I have written into your day to day routine. Soon you will be slimmer and healthier!


10. Drink Water Before Your Meals

Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal will help you to become fuller and not eat as much.  This is a great trick while dinning in restaurants because they tend to serve you platters rather than a normal size meal.


9. Drink Plenty of Water Everyday

Some soft drinks are high in sugar or calories, drinking water is preferable to drinking anything else such as juices to quench your thirst. Water is essential for your weight loss, because it contains no calories. Drinking too many calories can make you to gain weight excessively. Some researchers recommended that drinking six to eight cups of water per day is beneficial to your health.  You can try sparkling water or add a slice of lime or lemon.


8.  Don’t Forget To Measure!

Don’t just go by the number on the scale, always be sure you keep track of your body measurements as well.  Just because the scale doesn’t move, doesn’t mean you’re not losing inches.  Trying on a pair of pants and realizing you can get back into them is a far greater success than the 2lbs you see on the scale. 


7. Park Your Car and Speed Walk For 40 Minutes Daily

Walking doesn’t seem to be difficult, but with dedication you can walk 40 minutes a day. One study shown that working 30 minutes can help you lose weight by burning-up your body fat and raising your metabolism.


6. Put a Mirror On Your Refrigerator

Putting a mirror on our kitchen can help remind you to eat healthier diets to achieve your weight loss goal. Some studies proved that mirror on the refrigerator can help in weight loss.


5. Eat More Protein

Eating diets with protein have proved to reduce thought for food by 60 percent. Protein also keeps you full longer. Protein foods includes, chicken, shrimps, beef, pork, salmon, trout or eggs or nuts.


4. Workout The Smarter Way

One study done at the university of Pittsburgh proved that women who divide their 40 minute cardio workouts into four separate ten minute cardio workouts burn up to 20 pounds while, another group of women did one big 40 minute cardio workout and only burned up to 14 pounds.


3. Keep Healthy Snacks or Fruits in Your Bag

Put healthy snacks or fruits in your car or bag to satisfy you until your next meal on a very busy day. This will help you reduce eating junk foods and help you stay on track.


2. Listen to Your Favorite Music During Your Workout

You can use your favorite music to stay energized or motivated during your weight loss workout sessions.  iPods are great for this as well as free apps to download on your phone.


1. Grab a Buddy!

People tend to stick to their workout routines when they have someone to share it with.  Working out with someone has high chances of success because you have an accountability partner and someone who knows first hand the struggles you’re going through.  Having someone there on the not-so-good days is a sure fire way to help you keep moving when times get tough.


 I hope you have enjoyed these 10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss!  What do you do to stay on track while maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  We have a great program designed to give you the support, guidance and motivation to get you to your weight loss goals!  Our supplements are all-natural.
To Your Success!

Samantha Bush

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