I officially made the move!  Today I’ll talk about why I moved from Blogger to WordPress.  Over the last several weeks I had been looking into upping my game for my blog. I researched top leaders in my industry and they all have these robust blogs with a strong presence. I knew a self-hosted blog was the way to go, so I started looking at my options. After looking over my options and doing a lot of research I decided to go with wordpress.org as my new platform. So I bought a hosting package and found some video tutorials that walked me through moving all my posts and info from Blogger to WordPress. I used a simple plugin to help with the transition to WordPress.  And Voila! I am now officially a self-hosted WordPress blogger!

Before I bought my hosting package I did a lot of research on WordPress themes. Themes are a way to change the look and feel of a blog by uploading it to the back end of your blog. I had an idea for a clean look to my blog and very organized. After some research I chose a theme that is very responsive, mobile optimized and the layout was made for the entrepreneur in mind. My theme has the ability to have a home page, a landing page and even a lead page.

4 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger to WordPress


  1. Plugins – Plugins allow your blog functionality to be endless. From contact forms to SEO plugins there are thousands of plugins to help with your every need. Think of it as an android app. Yup! There’s a plugin for that! Instagram and Pinterest plugins are very popular as well.
  2. Responsive Design – I mentioned this a bit ago but now my blog has the ability to be seen in all its vibrant colors and beauty on all mobile devices. Google announced recently that they will prioritize sites with mobile versions in their search results. This is huge as more and more people are accessing the web through mobile devices.
  3. SEO by Yoast – Speaking of plugins, this has been my most effective and used plugin since I made the transition over to WordPress. My SEO attempts were a shot in the dark with Blogger. This plugin shows me an SEO score for each blog post and gives me suggestions on how to improve my score. It’s conveniently placed at the bottom of every edit page for better time management of my blog posts.
  4. I Grew Up! – I just simply outgrew my Blogger blog. There came a point where I wanted to do more with my blog, but simply couldn’t as there are limits to some things you can do in Blogger. Not to say Blogger isn’t a good beginner platform, in fact I know some bloggers who have had their Blogger site for years. I learned a lot with Blogger, but it was time to move on up!

Now I have a central place to send people and it’s truly MY space, MY content and MY little hub for everything Samantha Bush and my business. This has been a huge learning experience for me and I’m very happy with my blog so far! I do have a lot of tweaking and updates to do as some of the posts don’t look exactly like I want them to from the move over to WordPress but it’s a work in progress.

If a WordPress blog is something you’d like to move to or set up  This site has been very helpful! It’s a tutorial that walks you step by step to make the move from Blogger to WordPress. Since I did a lot of research beforehand, I had very little issues or bumps in the road so I definitely recommend you do your research and use the above tutorial.

Want faster, safer web hosting?  I use Site Ground for all my hosting needs.  Very reliable and it was uber easy to navigate and upload WordPress.

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To Your Success,

Samantha Bush



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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger to WordPress

  1. I love your blog posts! There are some blogs out on the “world wide web” which drag on and on and on. I thoroughly enjoy your posts because they are engaging and short and sussinct!!

    Posted on June 27, 2016 at 12:56 pm
    1. Thank you Crissy! Even though it’s recommended to have 700 + word posts I find it’s hard to sit and read them, so I try to keep them short and sweet. Thank you for your support 🙂

      Posted on June 27, 2016 at 12:58 pm