There really are legitimate easy ways to make money from home!  And I will explain 4 ways to earn money all while staying at home with your family.

Whether you are looking to find a way to primarily work from home or supplement your income, here are 4 legitimate easy ways to make money from home.

If you’re looking for a way to pick and choose individual jobs that suit you and allow for a little creativity, freelance jobs are a great place to start. Article writing is a freelance job where your client tells you what they need and you deliver the style, format, and information they are looking for. Web Design allows for more creative license; clients can give generalized ideas and you can transform these ideas into a marketable website.

Do you have experience in customer service? If so, telecommunication jobs may be for you. Companies are in search of representatives that can work at home while using the company dialing software. This allows the company to have low overhead, while providing a well-paid, legitimate job. Telecommunications jobs are great for those looking to make money from home during the holidays. Amazon and American Express hire seasonal employees, while others, Arise and Convergys, hire year-round.

For the social media gurus affiliate marketing can allow you to make money while promoting a company’s product. If you have your own website or blog, especially one with high-traffic, you can get paid by advertising a product on your personal site. Affiliate programs pay weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. It truly is as simple as blogging to make money from home.

One of the most common and easy ways to make money from home is in the form of Network Marketing. By building a network of distributors you build a clientele and through each client, hopefully a new client will be made. In recent years, companies like Scentsy, Jamberry Nails and SPX Nutrition have become household names as a direct result of this type of business. Network Marketing is popular because it allows for residual income from each sale and in many cases it does not require the time commitment of other stay at home jobs.

Through these tried and true methods making money from home is possible and can help you inch closer to financial independence. The ability to work around one’s own schedule and allow for self-education is what makes working from home very appealing. The rewards are huge and allow you more time and freedom with your family.

To Your Success!

Samantha Bush

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