A Twitter party is a live chat that is hosted on the Twitter platform using hashtags to signify you’re a part of the party.

Participants can engage in dialog and is a quick and easy way to become more engaging on Twitter. Because Twitter is a micro blogging site, you’re only able to have 140 characters per tweet. Which makes it challenging sometimes for advertisement. A Twitter party is just like chatting so tweets don’t need to be more than the allowed 140 characters.

The party can last as long as you’d like and have unlimited about of participants in the chat. So engaging in a sales based party is a very unique way of advertising. You set time and date and invite your group to join you for your virtual party. Make it fun by hosting small games of trivia to set the tone. Another great idea is to offer small prizes for those that came with the most invites or who purchased the most that evening.

A Twitter party can be a great way to showcase your products as well as just build relationships with people who you have a similar interest with.  You don’t need to make it all sales-based to have a successful party!

Because the Twitter chat will move very quickly, it can be a little challenging keeping up with everything, there are tools you can use to help keep it all streamlined. A tool I’ve used for a blog party I attended recently is www.twubs.com It’s a free service you can integrate with Twitter and will enable you to keep up with the conversation based on the hashtag you use for your party. It’s more of a chat-like interface so it’s super easy to follow. After my first Twitter party, I had a ton of engagement and had quite a few new followers.

Share your thoughts!  Let me know if you’ve ever participated in a Twitter party and if so what you thought of this concept in terms of marketing your business.

To Your Success!

Samantha Bush

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