If one of your New Year resolutions was to lose some extra pounds but you seem to lack motivation for it, then you should probably consider joining a weight loss challenge. The aim of a weight loss challenge is to motivate you into losing the largest percentage of weight for some cash at the end of it. Though the main goal is to get healthy, winning some extra cash for it makes it a lot better.

It has been found out that money enhances weight loss success. Since losing weight is never easy for anyone, with some kind of motivation like a little consolation prize in the form of cash you will actually feel motivated even when nothing else can. Cash-based weight loss challenges are a powerful tool that will make you committed and even stop you from quitting before achieving your goals.

The process of losing weight in a group is more fun and easier, therefore, making weight loss challenge a success in losing weight. Experts recommend that before you join a weight loss challenge, you set up some small attainable short term goals.

Teamwork tends to make weight loss fun and more successful. Every member has a part to play for the success of the other members and since you have to beat the other team, there is usually lots of support and positive pressure involved.

You can join with a friend or family members who are also trying to lose weight as this will make you even work harder since you won’t want your friends to see you fail. If you are patient, you will start seeing long-term results. If health and vanity alone have not been strong enough to motivate you into going through the hard task of losing weight, then you should think about joining a weight loss challenge ; earning some cash for it should be.

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