I have decided to take advantage of the 90 day weight loss challenge and have officially entered the challenge! I took “before” full body photos and “before” weight photos. I also took measurements and filled out my challenge form to be sent in to corporate! I will lose 20lbs this go around and will be very close to my ideal weight at that point. I figure what better way to tell someone about the challenge…BE the success story!

Last time I took the challenge I lost 13lbs which was awesome! I learned a lot about myself since then, my goals have changed just slightly but that’s ok. Not that being a size or two smaller isn’t good enough. I was able to go down from a tight size 12 to a lose 10 tight 8.

Each week I plan on blogging about my journey. Losing weight is not easy at all…it’s simple but not easy! Simple changes can help you work towards your goals very quickly. There’s so much on the internet and in magazines today about the best way to exercise or the best meals you should prepare, I’m no expert but I hope to be able to give people ideas on what’s personally working for me. I hope to inspire and motivate others during my journey to eat better and add more exercise in their daily routine.

My goals for this 90 day weight loss challenge are

  • Lose 20-25lbs
  • Adding muscle to rev up my metabolism
  • Eating cleaner, healthier meals that my whole family will enjoy
  • Exercise 5 times a week

These are my main goals during my challenge that I hope to be able to reach. I feel they are very attainable given the resources I have available to me. On a final note I have to give thanks to some very special friends who helped me decide to go for the challenge again. As a bonus they are doing the challenge with me and I am super excited for all of us to be able to lean on each other when times get tough and we want to quit.


90 day weight loss challenge

To learn more about the program I am participating in you can get more info here!

To Your Success,
Samantha Bush

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