Week two went very well! I attended a friend’s birthday party at the end of the week and used that as my cheat day! I was weighing myself once a day but decided to stop that as I was yo-yoing a bit and began to get a bit frustrated. So I backed off weighing to once a week on Friday’s. (Friday weight in’s!!) I didn’t change much in eating but I did add more circuit training to my exercise plan. Instead of just doing treadmill to burn 200 calories a day I’m doing 25-27 minutes on the treadmill then doing about 10-15 minutes of circuit training.

My personal trainer and friend Vicki suggested I add this in my plan to work some major muscle groups and jump start metabolism to burn fat faster. I do squats, jumping jacks, push ups(girlie ones for now!) and mountain climbers. She also suggested an app I can download on my phone called “Interval Timer” that I use as well. Vicki suggested 30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest for now until my body gets used to the movements. It’s super nice because I don’t have to worry about counting or anything, I just focus on my breathing until my timer goes off for my rest cycle. Currently I’m doing each set 3 times and take me about 10 minutes. My Fitness Pal says it burns about 96 calories and I believe it! I was sweating my time when I was done!   As time goes on I can adjust as needed, work for 45 seconds and rest for 10 seconds, etc.

I got an email from support that my pics and challenge form were accepted and I had a weight loss guide included!

The weight loss guide really shows you how to manage your workout time and gives a lot of pointers and tips on what you should do, it’s broken down into 3 phases and in phase 1 it talks about portion control and getting about 1200-1500 calories a day for women and 1500-2000 calories for men.

Friday weigh-in this week was for a Subway gift card and the winner was my friend Vickie Southerland!!!  I love these weekly weigh-ins, they’re so much fun and I love getting some see some of my friends rewarded for their hard work and dedication to living healthier lives!


Here’s the link to last weeks post in My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge series in case you missed it!

To Your Success!

Samantha Bush

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