Week one of my weight loss challenge went quite well. I started using My Fitness Pal to help me track everything. It sets a plan of action based on goals I’ve added to it and gives me weekly goals for my exercise plan. Based on the plan, I need to burn 700cals a week broken into 4 workouts. Now because I made a personal goal of burning at least 200cals on the treadmill I will surpass that goal but that’s ok. Total calories burned for week was 931.  And lost 1.4lbs!

The food diary is definitely a great resource for me! It allows me to track everything I eat and adds the calories for each entry. My Fitness Pal gave me a goal of 1200 cals a day, again based on my goals I entered at the beginning. The calories that I burn during my workouts are added back so I can eat those calories back if I choose to. Some days I have but mostly I’ve stayed at just about 1200-1300 cals a day. It’s been an eye opener for me for sure, didn’t realize simple foods I was eating had so many calories. It also lists my fat, carbs, sugar and sodium intake as well so it’s not just calories it tracks. My Fitness Pal suggests I eat 3 small meals plus at least 2-3 snacks.

I’ve been adding a handful of almonds or carrots and natural peanut butter as my snacks and that seems to do the trick! I’ve also been making sure to add more veggies in each meal as well.

Each Friday we have a weekly weigh in and allows each participant to be entered in a contest to win various items.  This week we had the opportunity to win a water infuser bottle and the winner was my good friend Agnes Saam!!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!

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To Your Success!

Samantha Bush

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