Week three in my 90 day weight loss challenge went well. This week I noticed I started to get hungrier mid-day, that time period from my 3pm snack to dinner time. My friend and personal trainer Stephanie Lippincott suggested I make a small salad to nibble on while making dinner so I don’t “taste test” everything while prepping dinner. So far so good! It’s helped quite a bit and instead of me being ravenous when I sit down to dinner, I’m able to enjoy my food more. Still keeping everything in moderation of course. Honestly, sometimes that is way easier said than done! But I’ve been good and have started to add more salads and protein to my diet to keep me full and satisfied. It’s a challenge but nothing I can’t handle.

When I get a craving for something sweet or chocolate, I bought a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate pieces. It sits on my desk in a small glass jar my hubby got me for Christmas. It’s great because one piece will certainly satisfy my craving without undoing my entire day. One piece has only 41 calories and 3g of sugar so it’s a great alternative to over indulging in a Snickers bar. Plus dark chocolate is super healthy for you!! It’s a powerful source of antioxidants and is rich in fiber, iron and magnesium among other nutrients. It’s great for your heart and your brain as well! Dark chocolate has many benefits and they outweigh the 41 calorie increase to be able to take advantage of those benefits!

My friend Stephanie Lippincott has a blog for personal training and was so gracious to demonstrate some easy to follow workouts that you can do at home. I don’t have a resistance band but I do have dumbbells that I’ve been using while following her workout tips and videos. You can find Stephanie Lippincott’s workout video here!


To Your Success,

Samantha Bush

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