At the end of last week I bought a Fibit Charge HR.  I have wanted a fitness tracker for some time and knew that I wanted a heart rate monitor as well.  While running it’s a great tool to use to find your peak performance levels.  The Fitbit Charge HR had everything I wanted in a fitness tracker and then some!  And Best Buy had them on sale at the time so saved a little money in the process…score!


All Fitbit’s have a mobile app you can download and sync all your data to so you can track everything.  The calories you consume, your water intake, calories burned and even has a sleep tracker you can use to gage your sleeping patterns.  On a side note, I think I may need a new bed!  It does come with a charging cord and I find I have to charge it about every 3 days, which isn’t bad since I wear it just about all the time except to charge and while taking a shower.  When it tracks my workout it shows calories burned during my session and my average bpm(beat per minute) and a graph to show how intense my workout was.


The Dashboard on the app is very nice and I can interact with my friends…engage in challenges, cheer others on and it even has a chat feature. It helps keep me motivated and accountable to my goals.  I have found just wearing it is effective enough to remind me to move more or keep me on track to get my workout in for the day.


It has a goal feature that you can set up to have a certain goal met per day.  I have my step goal at 10k per day, 5 miles, 2282 calorie burn a day and at least 30 minutes of exercise per day at 5 times per week.  I have it synced with My Fitness Pal so it tracks what calories I have in vs. out and my water intake for the day.  Overall though I am very impressed with the Fitbit Charge HR and feel it’s a great tool to use.


I was the winner last week in the Friday weight-in contest!  I actually gained a pound but I do believe it’s because of “that time of month.”  I can’t believe we’re already a month in!  60 days left!!


If you would like to connect with me on Fitbit, friend request me here.


Do you have a Fitbit?  I would love to hear your views and how it’s helped you maintain your weight or helped you lose weight.    It doesn’t matter if you have the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Small like I do or a different Fitbit.  Please share in the comments below!


To Your Success,

Samantha Bush

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