My 90 day challenge officially ended on May 1st!  I am so pleased with my results!  I exercised 4 times a week and was getting at least 10,000 steps in a day according to my Fitbit which came in handy and kept me motivated to crush my previous days goal.  I kept track of my eating and watched my calorie intake by using My Fitness Pal.  It’s been a great tool as well, sometimes we don’t realize the fat and calories we’re consuming in a day so this really helps put things in perspective for me.  It was super easy to use and jot down what I ate, especially when eating out with family.

My biggest success I think came from the products I took,.  The products helped me stay on track, kept me feeling full and satisfied and my system running well.  I went on to lose 16lbs in my 90 day challenge and lost 11 inches overall.  I can now fit into a loose fitting size 8 and a tight size 6, sizes I haven’t seen since way before I had kids and my oldest is 6 years old.

Now I won’t lie, there were days when I “fell off” the band wagon and ate a few more cookies or enjoyed a family night with an unhealthy dinner followed by some ice cream, but I found out it is ok to allow yourself to indulge every once in a while and not feel like you’re left out when you have family get together.  My family gets together every Sunday for dinner and games or a movie so I use used that as my cheat day to help me keep a healthy balance.

Another big reason for success came from our challenge group we have set up on Facebook.  The encouragement from everyone was a driving force for me, it was a place I knew I could go to with questions, and encouragement and I got that by being a part of the group.  We participated in weekly weigh in contests, there were healthy meal ideas added weekly and most of all encouragement and motivation from everyone.  There’s nothing like people coming together for a common goal!


If you want to check out day one on my 90 day challenge along with my “before” pictures click here!

To Your Success,

Samantha Bush

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One thought on “My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Week 12

  1. Lady! I absolutely love your commitment. YOU DID IT!! Congratulations on the completion of your SPX 90 Day Challenge. You must feel amazing after completing the challenge. And to know you are even that much healthier now. AMAZING! I love you and I love your enthusiasm and pride in the entire SPX Nutrition program.

    Posted on July 16, 2016 at 1:36 am