8 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

8 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are a lot of studies out there that prove that there are some major benefits to enjoying coconut oil. There are a lot of healthy fats within coconuts and when it is pasted down into an oil you get to enjoy all of the great things that they can do for you. So with that in mind, here are five of the best health benefits of coconut oil.


Help with Brain Disorders

The top health benefit of coconut oil is probably not one that you expect, and it is how much it can help your brain. Coconut oil can actually help your brain stave off those deadly diseases that can make your life all kinds of difficult; Alzheimer’s being the biggest one to fight. Not only will coconut oil fight off diseases, it can also help you retain your memories better by supplying the brain with consumable fatty acids.


Lowering the Risk of Heart Problems

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats, which make up good cholesterol, and it can also help clear your arteries of bad cholesterol. How can you not try to enjoy some coconut oil when you know that it is going to town in your body helping fix up your blood flow and decrease the risks of heart disease and high blood pressure? It is believed that coconut oil makes a fat called HDL, and there is a reverse relationship between it and your chances of heart disease, so enjoy as much of it as you can to lower your chances of having something as bad as a heart attack.


Gives your Immune System a Boost

If you want to feel a little healthier, you should try to get a good supply of coconut oil. One of the better health benefits of coconut oil is an increase in antibacterial, fungal, and viral efforts on the part of your body. Just getting the right helping of the oil can really turn your immune system around in a helpful way. So if you want to avoid staying sick you should enjoy some coconut oil, because it produces an alternate sugar that bacteria, viruses, and fungus can’t survive on.


Helps Fight Cancers

One of the ways that it helps your immune system is by helping you fight off certain forms of cancer. Coconut oil creates ketones in your body, which can act as a replacement glucose. That means that cancers that feed on glucose to grow can’t feed on the replacement sugar and start to die and go away.  These ketones are also what help the brain fight off diseases like Alzheimer’s and supply energy to cells to fight off infection. So when you think about the health benefits of coconut oil, ketone production should be one of the things you really appreciate.


It can help your outside, too Not only does coconut oil help you work out problems on the inside, but it can be great for helping your skin. It can act as an anti-dandruff hair remedy, an anti-inflammatory, and even a great moisturizer. There seems to be no end to the great things that some good coconut oil can do.  You have to be sure that you enjoy the benefits.


Coconut Oil for Hair

It can be used as an oil treatment or mask to help nourish your hair and the result is more manageable, shiny hair because if its unique fat composition. Just simply rub into hair, put a shower cap on and leave on for about 20 minutes. Many natural hair products contain coconut oil because of these benefits. It can also be rubbed into the scalp to enhance hair growth.  Check out this great resource on the benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Hair Loss.


Coconut Oil for Your Skin

The same fat composition that makes it great for your hair also makes a great moisturizer for your skin as well. It helps with premature aging and fights wrinkles as well as minor skin irritations. It’s great for eye makeup removal as well.


Natural Remedies

Rubbing a dab on the inside of your nose can help seasonal allergies. Use on a sunburn for faster healing time and less peeling.  Just be sure your burn is no longer hot to the touch. It’s great for acne because of the antibacterial properties. Rub on cracked heels to help you achieve smoother, healthier feet. Adding a teaspoon into hot tea will help speed up recovery from a cold or the flu.


Coconut Oil for Dogs

The benefits of coconut oil go beyond just human use and consumption.  Coconut oil is beneficial to a dog’s diet for increased benefits similar to humans.  Start by giving just 1/4 teaspoon to their food.  Increase after about 4 weeks to 1 full teaspoon per 10lbs of weight.  You can add it into their normal food dish or simply give it to them with their snack.  Be sure not to give too much, with the high fat content, you may see an increase in weight.  If that happens just simply reduce their intake or just stop giving it to them.  Applying topically is a great way to help their coats stay healthy and shiny.  It helps with itchy, dry skin and aids in the healing of wounds.


Types of Coconut Oil

There are two main types of coconut oil that you can buy and those are refined and unrefined.

Refined oils

These oils are typically on the cheaper side of things and have quite a bit of processing to them.  Through rigorous processing, they simply have no coconut oil smell or taste to them.  Refined coconut oils are also bleached and deodorized during this process.  Please keep in mind that the more natural a product is, with less processing the better it is for you as our bodies.


Unrefined or Virgin Coconut Oil

The processing is very light and, you stall have the full aroma of coconuts with a light taste as well.  Derived from fresh coconuts with little processing.  Look for brands that are cold-pressed.  Each manufacturer is different and will vary from brand to brand, however, the basic principals apply to all unrefined brands.


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