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I often get asked how I started working from home and why I chose health and wellness as a way to help people.  I guess you could say it all started back in my late teens when my grandmother fell ill.  From then on I had a passion for helping others and quickly found it was also on the health and wellness side of things that I could truly help someone.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of talk about what we put in our bodies and the effects it can have if we make bad choices.

So this is what led me on my own journey and it’s why you’re reading this blog today.  I also have a passion for writing and thus why I started a blog.  It can be a daunting task some days, but I do enjoy writing and tapping into my creative side while creating the blog post and images that go along with it.  The research that goes into my post always goes hand in hand with my passion for wellness so it works well for me.  By teaching others what I know(mostly by trial and error!) I can help those who are also passionate about their health.

Do you also find yourself helping others and feel a great deal of purpose when you do?  That’s your passion calling!  And that’s where the idea for this post came from!  You may be at your desk reading this now wondering how you can build your own business from your home while helping others.  I have had many mentors tell me that if your vision and passion keeps you up at night, then that is where your life should be headed and if you’re not aligned with that purpose then it will tug at you until you are.


Picking a company to work with

There are many companies and affiliate programs to choose from.  Look for a company that has a good track record, positive customer service experience, and a company that delivers a similar message that fits your standards.  Ask yourself these questions.. are you looking for a company that is all about essential oils, or encourages clean eating?  Are you a supplement kind of gal(or guy) or not so much?  Do you prefer service based companies such as work -out videos and DVD’s rather than product based?  These questions will help you find the path you want to take in your new wellness business.


Network Marketing or Affiliate Program

Choosing which type of company you want to work with is also essential in your quest to work from home.  The major difference in the two is usually an upfront cost or enrollment fee in Network Marketing.

Whereas affiliate marketing you do not need to order product.  With affiliate marketing, you usually get all the marketing materials, images and everything you need to build a capture page or sales page.  You also have access to a brand ambassador or sales agent that can help you, should you have questions.  Depending on the product your percentage can be anywhere from 5%-75% depending on the product and service you choose.  Usually, you’re paid within 30 days of the order date or once monthly.

Network marketing companies tend to have a lot of training from how to market to self-development and everything in between.  You’ll have access to all training materials as well, including product brochures, order forms.  Most companies also have a plan in place for on-going training of products and weekly webinars.  The percentage that you’ll make greatly depends on the company however, some companies give back 80% to their distributors.  You’ll also be able to leverage your time by building a team and using the power of leverage to help build passive income.


Laying out a game plan or 30-day plan

What ever business you choose it’s always great to have a plan in place to help keep you accountable and keep you motivated to keep going.  When things go stagnate and you’re in a sales slump it will help keep you motivated in those months you do not see many sales or growth of your team.

Staying on top of things whether that is a blast email to your list, a follow-up call to your new prospect or daily self-development is a good way to keep on track and create a daily action plan.  After your initial 30-days look it over, did you hit some goals or fall short in some areas?  Use that as a starting point for your next 30-day plan.  Some choose to use a 90-day plan and that is perfectly okay to do!  A great way to keep track is by using an editorial calendar such as Google or any other calendar you can use on a daily and monthly basis.

As you can see this is a great way to build a health and wellness business and help others achieve their goals by guiding them with the tools that are available.

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To Your Success!
Samantha Bush


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2 thoughts on “Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Business

  1. I think finding the right company is one of the biggest keys to success with direct sales! My first company I joined with, I loved the products, but had a hard time selling it because I thought it was too expensive. I just couldn’t bring myself to promote it as much as I should have. As soon as I joined my second company, my love for the product and the company showed and I was much more successful!

    Posted on September 27, 2017 at 9:37 am
    1. I agree 100%! If you don’t have passion for your products or feel they truly are life changing then people will pick up on your vibe. Being a product of the product is a great way to be sure it’s something you truly love. Use the hair products, go on that weight loss program. Use those candles when guests come over! 🙂

      Posted on September 27, 2017 at 9:55 am