What is the Mediterranean diet?

If you have ever tried to lose weight by going on a diet, then you know
better than anyone else how hard it is to find the right one. Some are extreme;
others are unreasonable, while most are downright dangerous. The good news is
that there are a few out there that are safe and actually work with the
Mediterranean diet being a great example. The diet is inspired by traditional
Mediterranean cuisine heavily featuring foods like whole grain, herbs, seafood,
olive oil, nuts and lean meat. Below are 7 benefits of this diet.

7 Benefits to You Have To Look Forward To

1. “Balance diet’ your way to happiness
Unlike most other diets you hear about these days, the Mediterranean
diet features all food groups. This includes everything from fruits and veggies
to proteins and yes; carbs. In the right proportions, these meal plans will
ensure that you not only lose weight but maintain fitness for a very long time.

2. No more starvation
One of the best things about the Mediterranean diet is the fact that you
actually get to eat; and not small pet portions either. With this diet, the
secret to success is the preparation and proportions as opposed to portions.
That way, you get to enjoy your meals without any guilt or punishment.

3. Every day is a cheat day
With the wide range of fruits, nuts, cheeses and yoghurts you get to
enjoy, you might not even realize that you are dieting. The diet allows you to
indulge in healthy and low-fat treats to satisfy your cravings without negating
your fitness progress.

4.Spring cleaning for your body systems
This is as a result of the many fruits and vegetables that you will be
eating. The citrus fruits in particular are rich in antioxidants that will help
get rid of toxins and built up waste in your systems. That way, you not only
get in shape but keep your body happy and healthy.

5. You get to work with a wide variety of recipes
The Mediterranean diet is inspired by some of the world’s most decadent
cuisines including Greek, Italian and North African. With all the amazing
recipes from each of these, it is safe to say that your kitchen will be your
new favorite room in the house. The variety also helps make the diet
interesting and sustainable in the long run.

6. It is a comprehensive lifestyle
The Mediterranean diet is strictly speaking not only about what you eat.
By following this diet, essentially you agree to adopt the Mediterranean
lifestyle. This includes a lot of communal feeding as well as exercise. Both of
these complement the weight management effects of the food for overall success.

7. The diet actually works
Finally, you are guaranteed amazing results with the Mediterranean diet.
All you need to do is to be disciplined and consistent. An all rounded approach
including work outs will also allow you to see the results a lot faster and for
much longer.


Bottom line
In a nutshell, following the Mediterranean diet might just be your best
bet if you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In addition to all these
benefits, it is a safe, healthy and most importantly sustainable plan.

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To Your Success,

Samantha Bush


7 Health Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet

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