About Samantha

Hello and Welcome!

Here’s a little bit about me and my family.  I’m a wife and mom to two little ones, ages 6 and 5.   A passion of mine has always been health and wellness.  It’s vital that we take care of ourselves so we have the opportunity to take care of our family.  I believe in leading a healthy lifestyle for this reason.

Several years ago I started looking into working at home.  With a newborn and a toddler to take care of I knew working outside of the home was going to prove to be difficult.  So I slowly started learning how to blog.  It started out just being a hobby for me to give me something to do other than cook, clean and take care of the family.  As I dove more into blogging I realized it was turning into more than a hobby, but a passion as well.

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I started looking for a company that had the same values and ethics that I had.  After searching and looking for the right comapny I had found my fit.  The company is led by some friends of mine, they’re very passionate about health as I am, so I felt very much aligned with the company.  I joined them in May of 2014.

Family time is very important to me as well, I always try to plan something every weekend for the kids.   We bought a camper this past summer and went camping several times over the summer….the kids loved it!  They swam, they buried themselves in the sand and just had a great time!  We usually go camping with our neighbors who also have kids around my kids’ ages so it works out very well.  We usually have anywhere from 15-30 people out with us.  It’s a blast!


When we’re not camping you can usually catch us at car shows, hubby has a classic pick up that he has won awards for.  It’s his other baby!  Family days are always on Sunday’s, my mom and hubby’s parents come over for dinner and movie or games.

There’s a small glimpse into our lives!  I’m Simply Samantha Bush!