8 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

8 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil There are a lot of studies out there that prove that there are some major benefits to enjoying coconut oil. There are a lot of healthy fats within coconuts and when it is pasted down into an oil you get to enjoy all of the great things that they […]

A Complete Guide To 5 Weight Loss Strategies That Will Motivate You

As someone who has gone through weight issues on and off since I had my second child back in 2010, I’m always looking for helpful how-to’s or weight loss strategies.  As I blogged about my own weight loss strategies I used, I found myself looking to connect with other people who had a similar journey.  […]

Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru Review

Get a peek into what really drives Tony Robbins in his new documentary Tony Robbins I Am Not Your Guru. Once a year in the US Tony Robbins puts on a 6 day seminar called Date With Destiny.  He has somewhat of an unorthodox way of handling people, but he uses language and words to […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Week 12

My 90 day challenge officially ended on May 1st!  I am so pleased with my results!  I exercised 4 times a week and was getting at least 10,000 steps in a day according to my Fitbit which came in handy and kept me motivated to crush my previous days goal.  I kept track of my […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Using the Fitbit Charge HR

  At the end of last week I bought a Fibit Charge HR.  I have wanted a fitness tracker for some time and knew that I wanted a heart rate monitor as well.  While running it’s a great tool to use to find your peak performance levels.  The Fitbit Charge HR had everything I wanted […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge With Stephanie Lippincott CPT – Week Three

Week three in my 90 day weight loss challenge went well. This week I noticed I started to get hungrier mid-day, that time period from my 3pm snack to dinner time. My friend and personal trainer Stephanie Lippincott suggested I make a small salad to nibble on while making dinner so I don’t “taste test” […]