My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Using the Fitbit Charge HR

  At the end of last week I bought a Fibit Charge HR.  I have wanted a fitness tracker for some time and knew that I wanted a heart rate monitor as well.  While running it’s a great tool to use to find your peak performance levels.  The Fitbit Charge HR had everything I wanted […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge With Stephanie Lippincott CPT – Week Three

Week three in my 90 day weight loss challenge went well. This week I noticed I started to get hungrier mid-day, that time period from my 3pm snack to dinner time. My friend and personal trainer Stephanie Lippincott suggested I make a small salad to nibble on while making dinner so I don’t “taste test” […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

I have decided to take advantage of the 90 day weight loss challenge and have officially entered the challenge! I took “before” full body photos and “before” weight photos. I also took measurements and filled out my challenge form to be sent in to corporate! I will lose 20lbs this go around and will be […]

How to Host a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a live chat that is hosted on the Twitter platform using hashtags to signify you’re a part of the party. Participants can engage in dialog and is a quick and easy way to become more engaging on Twitter. Because Twitter is a micro blogging site, you’re only able to have 140 […]

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoiding holiday weight gain will be very simple with these tips to help you along the way. Do you think one little holiday cookie won’t do much damage to your weight loss efforts? Well, did you know that one little cookie a day for a month can add an extra pound to your weight? The […]