My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge With Stephanie Lippincott CPT – Week Three

Week three in my 90 day weight loss challenge went well. This week I noticed I started to get hungrier mid-day, that time period from my 3pm snack to dinner time. My friend and personal trainer Stephanie Lippincott suggested I make a small salad to nibble on while making dinner so I don’t “taste test” […]

My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

I have decided to take advantage of the 90 day weight loss challenge and have officially entered the challenge! I took “before” full body photos and “before” weight photos. I also took measurements and filled out my challenge form to be sent in to corporate! I will lose 20lbs this go around and will be […]

How to Host a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a live chat that is hosted on the Twitter platform using hashtags to signify you’re a part of the party. Participants can engage in dialog and is a quick and easy way to become more engaging on Twitter. Because Twitter is a micro blogging site, you’re only able to have 140 […]

4 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger to WordPress

I officially made the move!  Today I’ll talk about why I moved from Blogger to WordPress.  Over the last several weeks I had been looking into upping my game for my blog. I researched top leaders in my industry and they all have these robust blogs with a strong presence. I knew a self-hosted blog […]

Health Benefits of Spirulina

What Is Spirulina? In this article I will explain the health benefits of spirulina.   Spirulina is a small, microscopic algae that is shaped like a coil, and is blue-green in shading. This algae lives in new and salt water, and can be utilized as nourishment, or as a dietary supplement. The amount Do I […]

10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss

Today let’s look at these 10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss to achieve your goals.  They are simple to achieve if you integrate these tips I have written into your day to day routine. Soon you will be slimmer and healthier!   10. Drink Water Before Your Meals Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes […]