My 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

I have decided to take advantage of the 90 day weight loss challenge and have officially entered the challenge! I took “before” full body photos and “before” weight photos. I also took measurements and filled out my challenge form to be sent in to corporate! I will lose 20lbs this go around and will be […]

How to Host a Twitter Party

A Twitter party is a live chat that is hosted on the Twitter platform using hashtags to signify you’re a part of the party. Participants can engage in dialog and is a quick and easy way to become more engaging on Twitter. Because Twitter is a micro blogging site, you’re only able to have 140 […]

4 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger to WordPress

I officially made the move!  Today I’ll talk about why I moved from Blogger to WordPress.  Over the last several weeks I had been looking into upping my game for my blog. I researched top leaders in my industry and they all have these robust blogs with a strong presence. I knew a self-hosted blog […]

Health Benefits of Spirulina

What Is Spirulina? In this article I will explain the health benefits of spirulina.   Spirulina is a small, microscopic algae that is shaped like a coil, and is blue-green in shading. This algae lives in new and salt water, and can be utilized as nourishment, or as a dietary supplement. The amount Do I […]

10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss

Today let’s look at these 10 Life Hacks For Weight Loss to achieve your goals.  They are simple to achieve if you integrate these tips I have written into your day to day routine. Soon you will be slimmer and healthier!   10. Drink Water Before Your Meals Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes […]

Pinterest Tips and Tricks

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to share and save content to virtual boards called pinboards. These boards can be of any interest and ranges from cooking, gardening, shopping and sports plus so much more!  Pinterest has over 100 million active users as of September 2015 and 85% of those users are […]